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turbo.jpg (15147 bytes) Fall in love with the Golden-Brown results! The new, futuristic TurboSun Face Tanner unit thrusts facial tanning into maximum overdrive! Totally unique, it's the most technologically advanced facial tanning unit available. This unprecedented system dramatically increases the formation of melanin in the facial area, quickly turning normal skin tone into a gorgeous, golden-brown tan.

Using 21st-century technology, the revolutionary TurboSun Face Tanner system helps produce the optimum facial tan! More than 1,000 milliamps of tanning power focus on the face to help induce a deep, dark, brown facial tan without extra heat.

Our engineering team has broken tradition by designing this state-of-the-art TurboSun Face Tanner unit with micro fluorescent tubes that carry concentrated forms of UVA light. The TurboSun Face Tanner face darkening system will far exceed the expectations of those who demand unsurpassed performance and reliability for facial tanning.

The debut of the extraordinary facial tanner has taken the industry by storm, leaving the competition in the dark!

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The bed itself is a turbo unit with a 1200 watt face tanner.

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