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model.jpg (17299 bytes) The Sunvision Wolff Pro 28 LX delivers serious tanning power!

Relax and enjoy the streamlined Pro 28 LX Bio-Tech tunnel design. Our advanced "total surround" customized design and nearly 7-foot tanning surface provides up to 50 percent more tanning power than a conventional 24-lamp bed!

The progressive computer engineered cooling system and sophisticated air-flow dynamics lengthen lamp life while quickly refreshing the tanning area. Dramatic looks and high quality are unsurpassed!

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Tropical Tan Plus owns 4 Pro 28LX tanning beds for your tanning pleasure!

  • Bio-Tech tunnel design surrounds tanners for fast, consistently dark, all-over tanning results.
  • 28 super-efficient, high-output 100 watt Wolff lamps shower the user with UV light for a fast, dark, full-body tan.
  • Optional TurboSun Face Tanner or 1 or 2 high-speed face tanners provide full face coverage.
  • Staggered lamp design places more lamps over the facial area for extended tanning coverage.
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel mainframe with high-impact reinforced polymer exterior for easy maintenance and longevity.
  • Wide, deeply curved tanning surface offers all-around tanning in a comfortable resting position.
  • Exclusively designed acrylic sheets allow the maximum amount of UV penetration for faster tanning.
  • Convenient hour meter provides easy monitoring.
  • Optional AM-FM / cassette player puts tanners in tune with their own private paradise.
  • Remote control hookup.

Plus, the TurboSun Face Tanner Unit!

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