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We cover all of New England Hardwood Floor needs.

  Hardwood flooring installation and refinishing has been our specialty for over 12 years.  When it comes to hardwood floors, we at Sanco Hardwood Flooring understand the need for perfection.  If you are contemplating the idea of a new hardwood floor or want to return the luster of that old wood floor, you have reached the right place. 

  Some things you ought to know...

Here are a few of the most common Questions and Answers we believe can help you.

   If I already started the hardwood floor refinishing process and realized that it was a "bigger" project than I anticipated, can I still call on your services?

   If you are one of the many people who have STARTED a "Do It Yourself" project on your hardwood floor and realized it is a "little bit" out of your range, DON'T BE EMBARRASSED TO CALL US.  We have finished many of a started project in our day. 

   I know my hardwood floor is un-savable.  Is it going to cost a fortune to install a new hardwood floor?

   Don't consider your present hardwood floor a disaster until we have had a chance to look at it.  We offer Free estimates and advise on which direction to take your project.  You wont believe your eyes when you see what we can do for your old beat-up hardwood floor. 


    Do I need to sand my whole hardwood floor down in order to refinish?

A. NO. Wood floors that are in good condition can be lightly sanded and recoated for a fraction of the cost of a total refinishing job.

  How long does the average hardwood floor refinishing project take?

A.  Most hardwood floor refinishing projects can be completed within two to three days time.  This depends on your choice of floor finish.

   Do you offer environmentally safe finishing products?

A. Yes.  We offer a complete line of environmentally safe water based wood floor finishes.  This type of finish will also greatly reduce the odor that may accompany an oil based product.



   We wouldn't expect you to just walk into just any doctors office without a great reference...

... and we feel that our references speak for themselves.  Please contact us for a few references on our past work. 

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Call us or e-mail today for more information and a free quote.

Business(203) 723-2975  /   Cell(203) 592-6688  /   Pager 1-203-398-2183

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