Along the harsh and shifting sands,
A weary man plods to and fro;
A pilgrim lost and stumbling,
Burdened low with cares and woe.

Baubles and coins adorned him once,
A glitter of gem and gold;
The wine was quaffed, the songs were sung,
'Til all was lost or sold.

From court to desert he is cast,
A-wandering on the dune;
Bent and parched, his aimless steps,
Fall rasping in his ruin.

A dusty tear lies in his eye,
He falls, his end seems clear;
When from the rise above he spies,
A camel drawing near.

"Come, climb aloft," the beast did say,
"Your time has not yet come;
From burning sorrow and bitter loss,
Salvation can be won."

They rode apace, and hope he found,
In their journey through shifting sands;
With steady lope from the desert's fear,
They reached a lush green land.

The pilgrim learned how to reserve,
His strength for better times;
Forsaking fear and sour remorse,
He learned to love his kind.

We all need friends like that sober beast,
To teach us to survive;
Like the wise and gentle camel,
Living one day at a time.


The Sober Camel Charter

1. To support the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of people recovering from addictive diseases, compulsive and other emotional disorders, and those of their loved ones and friends by:

2. To promote recovery and family support from addictive disorders by using net profits to:

3. To be supportive of individuals involved in self-help recovery fellowships, while respecting the traditions of those fellowships.


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