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We believe people should keep their teeth for a lifetime. With preventative dentistry, you will.

Prevention of disease is less costly, more comfortable and far more enjoyable for all of us. So our goal is to have our patients eliminate cavities and gum disease through good oral hygiene and keep their dental problems to a minimum.

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Have a beautiful, natural looking smile that...
only your dentist knows.

We believe the most important service we can provide is a supportive program of information and instruction to help you resist dental disease. Assisting each of our patients to learn and practice the skills necessary for optimal dental health is our primary concern.


Some people are apprehensive about visiting a dentist, especially for the first time. Our goal is to surprise you gently.

With Modern dental techniques, we can virtually eliminate pain. And we're always ready to listen to concerns and thoroughly explain any procedure that may cause anxiety.

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Complete dentistry for the entire family.


On your first visit, we'll review your medical and dental history and perform a careful and complete examination of your teeth, gums, bones, jaw joints and soft tissue. Then - together - we'll design a program to meet your special needs.

Our office has a highly professional staff. We provide major dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry with sensitivity, caring and friendliness. We believe in working with our patients, not just on them.


We do our best to accommodate each patients individual needs and work schedules. You'll find our office open Monday through Friday and on scheduled evenings. Of course emergencies do happen, and in those cases, help is available 24 hours a day.

Depending on your needs, we'd like you to return for periodic visits. But instead of looking for disease, we'll be checking on your improving dental health! We've found our patients who visit us regularly very nearly eliminate all their dental problems.

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