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  The Panafax UF-880  is a PC / LAN
Compatible Office Laser Fax with:
  • 10 - ppm Printing Speed.
  • 72 Hour Document Memory Backup.
  • 3 - second super G3 Transmission.
  • Optional Universal Paper feed Unit holds 250, 500, 750, & 1000 sheets of paper.
  • Expandable Memory Cards
    (1,2,4,& 8 MB)  can be installed.
Office Equipment Center, Wolcott Connecticut, fax


  Plus the Panafax UF-880 can be Transformed into a PC-networked muti-functional communications station with optional Parallel Port Interface Kit.
Once the Parallel Port Interface kit is installed you can turn your UF-880 into a:
red_bullet.gif (1024 bytes) PC FAX: Send or receive fax documents from or to your PC.
red_bullet.gif (1024 bytes) LAN-FAX: When connected to a networked PC using network HydraFax Software, the UF-880 is accessible to everyone on the network.
red_bullet.gif (914 bytes) PRINTER: A 400 x 400-dpi standalone or networked Windows compatible laser printer.
red_bullet.gif (914 bytes) SCANNER: Scan Paper-based documents into your standalone or network PC at 200 x 400 dpi resolution.


Office Equipment Center, Wolcott Connecticut,   We carry a full line of copiers and Toshiba is one of our top sellers. The Toshiba 2060 Copier has several nice features that make it an excellent Copier for your business:
  • Auto Cassette Change.
  • Dual Page Copying.
  • Ergonomically Designed Control Panel.
  • Paper Size Indicators
  • Paper Volume Indicators
  • Reduction / Enlargements
    ( 50 % to 200 % )
  Plus many many more standard features.
The Toshiba 2060 Copier has several options that can be added to enhance its performance such as an Automatic Document Feeder, Key Counter, One, Two, or Three Draw Paper Pedestal, Automatic Duplexing, and a Large Capacity Cassette.


  The Olympia Startype 3 with memory and Display is an excellent choice, with it's many features.
  • 40 Character adjustable LCD Display.
  • Line by Line print mode for instant Corrections.
  • Margin / Tab format storage.
  • Automatic Centering.
  • Automatic Indent & Return.
  • Line Framing.
  • Programmable stop codes.
  • Automatic lift-off tape Correction.
Office Equipment Center, Wolcott Connecticut,
Plus many more Performance Highlights.

Please Call or stop by for more specifics and a Demonstration.

Discounted Prices on Bulk Orders.
Extended Credit to Qualified Applicants.
All of our products carry standard manufactures warranty.


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