What you can expect...

  • Unbiased Information. We work for you not the airlines (or any other travel provider for that matter). Our job is to sort through thousands of fares and present you with your best option.
  • Choice. Call us and we'll give you every airline's fares and departures at once. You choose the flight and price that works best for you. Call an airline and you get their fares and schedules alone.
  • Expert Guidance. We're experts in understanding the intricacies of the system, and in helping you take full advantage of them. Call an airline and they'll sell you a ticket on the flight you ask for. Call us and we'll ask you questions, such as your departure flexibility, that might help us find you a cheaper alternative flight.
  • Lowest Prices. On any given route, fares can vary by hundreds of dollars. Sometimes even on the same flight. We make sure the price you pay is the lowest one available.
  • Convenient One-Stop Shopping. We'll get you the best price on your air... and your car rental... and your hotel... and any other vacation planning need you might have. All at the same time. Trying to do this on your own would take hours, even days. And you still would never be sure you got the best value. Save the hassle, leave the bargain hunting to us.
  • Professional Advice. We're experts in making sure people get where they need to go, at the best price, and in the most pleasant way possible. We'll find you the best value. But we're also here to be your consultant on the entire travel experience - from packing to sightseeing.
  • Personalized Service. We're not an impersonal reservationist thousands of miles away. We're right here. We get to know you and your family, and what you value in your travel experience.

Destinations Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in cruises, honeymoons, tours and group vacations.


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