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A few examples

Ralph Lauren ~ Henry Grethel ~ After Six
Lord West ~ Oscar DeLaRenta ~ Pierre Cardin
Christian Dior ~ Raffinati

Brandon Michael
Vest, Bow Tie & Euro Tie
Example Colors

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We dry clean and preserve in an acid free box your brides Wedding Gown with a 15% discount to all wedding parties we outfit after the wedding day. (prepayment is required at the time of drop-off of wedding gown).



  • A 100% wool 6 on 1 double breasted satin shawl collar non-vented tuxedo with double-piped fashion flap pocket and signature lining.
Coordinating Accessories
  • Black pleated trousers.
  • Black bow and cummerbund.
  • White wing collar shirt " pleat.
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Chaps Black
Somerset Cutaway
by Ralph Lauren


  • A 100% wool classic daytime formal attire with center vent styling.
Coordinating Accessories
  • Stripe pleated trousers.
  • White wing collar shirt.
  • 5-button doeskin peak lapel vest.
  • Grey and black stripe ascot.
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San Rafael Shirt

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