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You Can't Beat a Train!

Train sets, locomotives, accessories, and so much more can be found through Chasse's Trains. We carry a wide assortment of different era model trains and an ability to locate hard to find trains.

Chasse's Trains is an authorized dealer of Lionel Legendary Trains.

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Lionel Trains

Lionel is one of the most recognized and highly thought of brands of the century. The United states Postal Service has even issued a Lionel stamp as part of its "celebrate the century" program.

               What defines a locomotive?
What makes one locomotive different from another?

In this case, however, it didn't take long to conclude that the Motor is the                 
         heart and soul of every locomotive.......
in real life and on the layout.

All products have individual warranties.
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We ship world wide (UPS and FedEX)

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