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Cellular Connections    At Cellular Connection we cary a large assortment of accessories for the finishing touch to help you with today's busy life style, such as.....

Compact headset kits,
Desktop charger kits, plus
Cases and holders,
just to name a few. Stop by or call for a complete list.




With Bell Atlantic Mobile, Mobile Reach Network, you can have your cellular phone service reach anywhere from Connecticut to southern Maine, all the way south to Maryland.

Cellular Connection, cellular phones

NOKIA 918 & 252

All phones come in several different colors such as
Pewter, Antique Bronze, Brushed Aluminum, Blue Glass, & Signal Glow.


Discounted prices on purchase of 2 or
more units of service.


Cellular Connection, car alarm


   Have a nice car?  Protect it from would be thieves with a car alarm. At Cellular Connection we carry several car alarm systems such as the ...
Prestige APS - 350

    Automatic starters are a nice way to beat the cold or the heat. Just preset the climate controls, when you start your car again it will be the perfect temperature for when it is time to get in.  The Whistler is a large seller.


Looking for that hard to find gift? or maybe you would like to buy that certain accessory, but don't know the exact type of phone they have.

Gift Certificates
are available.

Visa, Mastercard


Cellular Phones - 1 year warranty if manufacture defect.
Car Starters & Alarms carry Lifetime warranty.
Pagers - 90 manufacture warranty *(must be bought from our store).

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