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model 300


Home and Office Safes

We've taken many of the premium features found only in our larger commercial safes and put them into safes perfectly sized for the home and office. You won't find a tougher line of small safes anywhere! UL one-hour fire and impact rating. UL rated relocking device. Increased wall thickness for additional fire and theft protection. Key lock which provides additional security and allows easier access during frequent use periods. Heavy duty hinges to reduce the possibility of prying off the door. Secure-looking graphite color that makes the safe appear as tough as it really is. Optional bolt-down kit is available to prevent units from being carried away.

Do the following to determine what safe is right for you:

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A Sargent & Greenleaf electronic keypad can be added as an option

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A drawer for storing small items and an adjustable shelf are available on model 251

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A drawer, adjustable shelf and hanging file folder rack come with models 254 and 257 (folders not included)

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model KC3624

Composite Safes

for total protection from burglary and fire

Now you don't have to choose between burglary and fire protection for your records and valuable. Meilink's Gibraltar series of composite safes gives you the double benefit of tool-resistant security and fire protection in one safe.

  • 3 1/2" thick, 8000-P.S.I. high security walls
  • Massive 5 1/4" thick door
  • 120,000-P.S.I. hardened-steel plate covers the entire door.
  • UL-listed combination lock is protected by unique ball bearing loaded hard plate to foil drilling
  • Key-operated day lock with five backup relockers
  • Five large, 1 3/8" diameter solid steel active bolts, plus three dead bolts
  • Available in graphite, gray value 1 or tan in tough, textured-pebble finish

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