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Leasing Package Available

Instead of purchasing, conserve your cash flow and lease a system instead! Competitive leases through ADVANTA and C&W leasing offer 1-5 year leases with $1 system buyout at end of term lease. Call for application.

Quality Equipment Available

All telephone equipment is fully remanufactured or reconditioned and tested thoroughly in actual office environment. Equipment sold is same quality as new, with savings of up to half the price of new.

Save money, buy at wholesale prices:

Equipment Specials

Partial listing of wholesale products in stock - call for specific related items not listed. Equipment availability and pricing subject to change.


Merlin 10 Button BIS Sets (BIS-10)
Merlin 10 Button HAFI Sets (HAFI-10)
Merlin 22 Button BIS Sets (BIS-22)
Merlin 34 Button BIS Sets (BIS-34)
Merlin 34 Button Display Sets (BIS/DIS-34)
Merlin 5 Button Standard Membrane
Merlin Console Set With Power Supply
Merlin GPA Units
Merlin II Control Unit - FM1 Proc & Power
Merlin II Control Unit - FM3 Proc & Power
Merlin Legend R1 Control Unit & Power
Merlin 008 MLX Modules
Merlin 408 Modules
Merlin 820D (Config. 4X10)



Spirit 6 Button Set Misty Cream (6-BTTN)
Spirit 24 Button Sets Misty Cream (24-BTTN)
Spirit 6 Button Sets Black (6-BTTN)
Spirit 308 Control Units
Spirit 616 Expansion Units
Spirit 1224 Control Unit
Partner II Processor Module - R3
Partner Processor Module - R3
Partner 206 "baby" Module w/cords
Partner 400 Module R2
Partner 200E Module
System 75 615 Terminals & Keyboards - New
3A SMSI Translators - New - 5Ess Group 11
System 25, 75 and 85 Cards
ROLM 400HR Sets

Equipment Reconditioning Service also available!

Further discounting available for system purchases.


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