Wedding Planner...

The twelve month countdown. Use this check list as your guideline (print it out to have handy), add your own details to create your special wedding. Be sure all is in preparation for the big day!

12 Months before the wedding...

  • Announce the engagement! Be sure to let your parents know first. This will spare any future family arguments! (the exception to this is unless either of you have children, be sure to tell them first!)
  • Figure out what type of wedding you would like. What are your budget requirements, where, when and how.
  • After deciding on "where", make the reservations. If your date is in the busy season between May and October be sure to reserve your ceremony and reception location 8-12 months prior (Most common locations will be booked a year in advance so be sure to have an alternative in mind!).
  • Pick your bridal party. The maid of honor and best man are always the first to be asked.
  • Book a photographer. Most studios, like reception halls, book up quickly during the busy wedding months so call now!
  • Book a videograper. Even though Uncle Earl has a camcorder, you may want to talk to a professional (unless you like the "shake" look).
  • Book a caterer. Decide what you would like served. Individual meals? Buffet style?
  • Book a florist. What colors would you like?
  • Book a band, musicians or DJ.
  • Book the transportation. Limos? Fancy cars?
  • Register! As soon as your engagement announcement is out, people may want to start buying their gifts, so make it easy for them!

9 Months before the wedding...

  • Visit officiant to discuss ceremony. Traditional or untraditional?
  • Start shopping for your wedding dress. If you would like your dress custom made you need at least 9 months to do so.
  • Plan the wedding reception. Pick out the "songs" (most DJ's have detailed lists to help pick out the perfect songs).
  • Begin the guest list. Before you know it, the "list" will outgrow your desired number. All couples want everyone to be there and this most often turns into disagreements. Create a scale and number the importance of each guest on a rating of 1-10. The "10's" will be the first to cut, then the "9's" until you reach a number you can accommodate.
  • Visit the travel agent to discuss honeymoon locations.

6 Months before the wedding...

  • Pick out the bridal parties dresses.
  • Decide on a honeymoon destination and make the reservations.
  • Order your wedding rings.

3 Months before the wedding...

  • Buy or rent the tuxedos for the groom and his party.
  • Visit your doctor for inoculations for your honeymoon! The last thing either of you want on your honeymoon is "Montezuma's Revenge"!
  • Finalize the guest list and alert all to the location of the bridal registry.
  • Pick out and mail wedding invitations.
  • Visit your hair stylist with your veil and choose a style for the day. Be sure to make your appointment for the wedding day now!
  • Visit florist with colors and pick out flowers.
  • Check state blood test requirements and licenses.

2 Months before the wedding...

  • Send wedding announcements to the newspaper(s). Usually the Sunday paper is your best bet, but check all possibilities.
  • Buy gifts for the bridal party. Some ideas may be necklaces with individual birth stones or guardian angel pins.
  • Time to pick up the rings. Be sure to check the engraving.
  • Book accommodations for out of town guests or send lists of local hotels and motels to those guests.

1 Month before the wedding...

  • Shop for your honeymoon clothes. Bridal showers usually supply the lingerie, but you may want to check out a back up set just in case your friends' taste is not close to your own.
  • Record wedding gifts as they come for the "thank you" notes. Be sure to write down who sent the gift and what they sent!
  • You may want to send the "thank you" notes now or send all after the wedding.
  • Plan the wedding rehearsals.
  • Plan and book the rehearsal dinner.
  • Visit your caterer and taste the food for the wedding. Sample wine choices as well.
  • Discuss requirements with your photographer and videographer. Most studios have requirements already written out for you.

2 Weeks before the wedding...

  • Pick up honeymoon tickets (airline tickets, itineraries, etc.).
  • Buy traveler's checks. Don't bring cash only! Traveler's checks insure your money, this will reduce unneeded stress.
  • Pick up your marriage license.
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette parties ("Bachelorette party" is usually the wedding shower).
  • Now is a good time for a facial and full body massage to reduce pre-wedding stress.

1 Week before the wedding...

Congratulations! You are ready for that big day!

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