Registering has become a must! It is also quite easy to do. You simply go to a desired store and pick out what you want. The store will write down those choices and have them available for your guests-to-be. This reduces stress on both your side and the gift-buyer by reducing guess work. The chances of duplicate gifts also reduces due to simple reregistering systems. After a chosen gift is bought, it is removed from the list.

Large department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdales have kiosks where your guests can pull your name and desired gifts up on a computer screen. The worry of unwanted gifts is reduced when you register.

Wedding gifts began as a way to send off a newly wed couple with all they may need in their new life together. This includes a toaster if you need it! So sit down with your betrothed and decide on what colors you both like, designs, patterns, appliances you may need, etc. Now, when you enter that shop or department store you have a clear idea in your mind.

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