You want your wedding day to be special all the way around. Flowers become an essential part of that day creating a beautiful and lasting impression of fragrance and romance. All weddings, small intimate occasions or large formal ordeals, are not complete without the serenity of flowers.

The Bridal Bouquet
Traditionally, the bride carried a bouquet of white flowers (usually white lilies), but in today's society color is popping in. After choosing the colors of your wedding, bring a swatch to your florist so they may be able to match flowers. Also, keep in mind several aspects: The style of your dress and your personal features such as height. The ceremony whether it be formal or not so formal. Whether you would like a ribbon tied about the bouquet or individual long stem roses.

The Bridesmaid Flowers
Their flowers should compliment their dresses as well as the brides bouquet. All bouquets should match, the only exception being the maid of honor whose may be slightly bigger or a slightly different style.

Traditionally, the best man and ushers wore a single bloom of a carnation where the groom wore a different color (usually white). All blooms are worn on the left lapel. Roses can be an alternative.

Ceremony Flowers
Depending on the location of your ceremony, floral decorations could add extra elegance. Most common are arrangements placed on the aisles posts (pews), on window sills, the alter or front stand. For Jewish ceremonies, place four arrangements on the corners of the huppah.

Reception Flowers
The reception hall is the perfect opportunity to go flower crazy! Table tops, center pieces and backs of chairs are all game. Accents around the display cake or arched over the entrance gives any location a romantic holiday feel

Hidden Meanings...

A red rose holds a simple message of "I Love You". Everybody knows that one, but did you know that other flowers also have hidden meanings? Here's a list of flowers and there romantic meanings.

Amaryllis ~ Splendid Beauty
Bachelor's Button ~ Blessedness
Blue Violet ~ Faithfulness, Modesty
Bluebell ~
Buttercup ~ Riches
Camellia ~ Perfect Loveliness
Daffodil ~ Regard
Daisy ~ I share your feelings

Forget me Not ~Don't Forget
Gardenia ~ Joy
Honeysuckle ~ Genuine Affection
Ivy ~ Fidelity
Jasmine ~ Grace, Elegance
Jonquil ~ Affection Returned
Lily ~ Purity
Marigold ~ Sacred Affection
Mimosa ~ Sensitivity
Myrtle ~ Remembrance
Orange Blossom ~ Purity
Red Chrysanthemum ~ I Love You
Sweet William ~ Gallantry
Violet ~ Modesty
White Lily ~ Purity, Innocence
Wood Sorrel ~ Joy

Flowers, flowers, flowers! If you would like a different approach, consider using balloons!
Balloons always add spice to any and all occasions! They are a colorful and inexpensive decoration.

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