The Clothes...

The Dress...

There you are, holding hands with the one you love as he asks you the ultimate question... "Will you marry me?" Your heart flutters, your pulse quickens as you scream "Yes!"

...that was the easy part! Now you have a wedding to plan. The cake, a photographer, invitations... and the dress. To any woman, the dress in the singularly most important aspect of the wedding. Most have dreamed of their wedding dress since they were young girls. Radiant and beautiful, all in white, walking down the aisle. Your dress is going to be perfect... but where to start?

Short? Full length? Open back? Lace? Pearls? Scoop? Jacket? Gloves?....

First of all, you must decide what kind of wedding you would like to have. A formal, full length gown would not go with a wedding on the beach. Once you have decided on the type of wedding, you can start hunting for your dress.

Most boutiques carry a lovely selection of the latest styles mixed with older fashions to fit your need. Take your time! Don't pick the first dress you try on, even though it will be temping. Bring a camera to capture that moment (a fantasy come true), then continue.

A custom made dress will take time to make, fit and alter if needed. Give at least nine months before the wedding for a tailored dress. Once you have found someone to make your dress, sit down with them and have some sketches or notes with you to help describe what you want.

This should be an enchanting period in your life, so enjoy yourself! Be sure to bring a close friend (maid of honor), your mother or mother- law (a perfect opportunity to bond!) with you as you try your dresses on. Enjoy the magic!

The Tuxedo...

Finding a tuxedo for your wedding day can be as simple as renting the full tux from a boutique or tuxedo shop. However, you may decide to buy a new tuxedo or if your wedding is semi-formal, a suit is fully acceptable.

You will need the following to complete your attire: The tuxedo itself, Vest, Suspenders, Bow Tie, Cummerbund, Shoes and Cufflinks.

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