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     V.P.Productions is a full service animation company manufacturing custom animatronic characters for the themed entertainment industries. We have created some of the finest animatronic characters to be found anywhere in the world. Animation is our specialty. Examples of our animations can be found in numerous far away places such as Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom and Holland, as well as many well known locations within the United States.

     In the past, animation and animatronics were generally known to be complicated, expensive pieces of machinery with uncertain life expectancies at best. Our goal at V.P.Productions, Inc. is the same now as it was when we first opened our doors in 1986, to supply the most cost effective and matinence free animatronics available on the market today.

     At V.P.Productions Inc., we work with you to develop a custom animatronic character or an animated show that is yours and yours alone.

     Our greatest asset is the group of talented artisans, all of which are experts in their field, that we have assembled together to provide our customers the absolute finest product available anywhere.

     Three-D-Motion characters sell products and services, deliver messages, promote companies, inform and entertain audiences - all with riveting sight and sound. They bring out the kid in us all!!

     Our animations and animatronic characters are pneumatically operated (compressed air) for life like animation and motion, dependable operation, and minimal maintenance for your animation. Each character can be produced with either analog or digital movements, or a combination of both.

Our complete in-house services include:


Family Entertainment Centers
The Rockin' Rollin' 50's Show
Mick Jaguar and The Sly Cats

Dark Rides and Fun Houses
Shopping Malls
Theme Parks
Water Parks
Museum Exhibits
Retail Store Displays
Inanimate Outdoor Sculptures
Haunted Houses and Hayrides
Seasonal Displays
Grocery and Dairy Stores

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