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384 Stillson Road Waterbury, CT  06705

(203) 575-9880


     Cardella Fine Jewelers has been a landmark in the Waterbury business scene for over fifty years. Established in 1947 by its founder, Salvatore Cardella, Cardella Fine Jewelers has built an enduring relationship with the Waterbury community based on service, quality and trust.


     As the 1990's come to a close, Cardella's commitment to quality and service is as strong as ever. Cardella's focus on DESIGNER JEWELRY has made it the area's showcase for the individual who seeks uniqueness and quality in their jewelry.


     Cardella's features the work of such renown designers as John Bagley, Ray Tracey, William Schraft and Tom Kruskal.

      Ray Tracey - the spirit of the southwest is embodied in the time honored native American traditions of inlaid colored stone jewelry.

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      William Schraft - Windows collection. Striking contemporary designs featuring bold sterling silver and intricate gold filigree.

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      John Bagley - Contrasting colors of inlaid opal and colored stones are coupled with aggressive styling.

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     Joan Michlin - Master goldsmith creates wearable sculpture in 14k gold.

Joan Michlin

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